About Us

LendFire is dedicated to bringing together borrowers and lenders in the most efficient way possible. Instead of borrowers going back and forth between financing companies on their own in search of a good deal for capital, we shorten the process by bringing lenders to the borrowers. Our team has established relationships with hundreds of lenders who represent all types of financing. Each lender is vetted to ensure that borrowers are only being contacted by reputable companies who offer competitive rates and services.

When you submit your questionnaire to LendFire you are automatically being linked up with Lenders who are searching for borrowers with your exact criteria. Up to four lenders will contact you to help you with your financing needs so you have several strong options but are not inundated with calls.

Our main goal is to make finding capital for new and current business owners a lot simpler. Fill out the questionnaire and be connected to qualified lenders today!

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